” You don’t pay the price for good health. You enjoy the price.  You pay the price for bad health.”  Zig Ziglar


If you want to lose weight, there is some short term pain, changes you don’t like, but once you reach that goal it feels great! Sorry, we are underestimating…it feels unreal!

Remember, you are not paying the price! So learn to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the price. Be positive.

Because you WILL pay the price if you don’t lose that weight and take care of your health.

That’s a fact.

That Sugar Film.

Great turn out on Friday night. Its a “Must See” if you’re serious about your health. Very clear that not all calories are equal and it’s time the old fashioned method of calorie counting was abolished. Wakes you up to these nutritionists who are funded by the companies selling the products…

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Another great movie on your health you can’t miss. Hoping to screen next week and will email days/times Monday.

Weight Loss Challenge Important reminders:

Be kind to yourself. Every person who struggles with their weight will have ups and downs and sometimes fall ‘off the wagon!  Try to follow the 80/20 rule, which means that 80 percent of the time, make good and healthy food choices, which include lots of lean proteins, veggies, salads and fruit. Then 20 percent of your diet processed foods or when you indulge. That 20 percent will keep you on track 80 percent of the time.

Drink more water

Water is one of your best friends with weight loss.If you don’t drink water you hold it… it’s that simple. You can never, ever get results without proper water intake. (Soda, coffee and juices do not count towards your water intake!). Drink a couple of glasses of water as soon as you wake up. Let that settle down for half an hour or until you are hungry and have some fresh fruit to break the fast.

Less Drinking Diet Soft Drinks

You might be thinking that it will give you the sugar fix you crave without the sugar, don’t be fooled though because if it tastes sweet your body will want more sugar and you may end up searching for another sugar fix.

Government Guidelines

Most people do not eat enough fruit, salad and vegetables. The Australian Government Dietary Guidelines recommendations for the minimum number of serves from each food group they need to eat each day, recommend two serves of fruit and four serves of vegetables each day. This is the minimum! In our opinion, this recommendation is conservative and is simply not enough to achieve maximum health. Eat more! This will have a dramatic effect on long term energy levels, weight loss and health in general. Full stop.

Don’t snack

We’ve been told to eat five or six meals a day to speed up our metabolism. Another reason we are getting fatter. It doesn’t work for most people. The problem with eating every 3-4 hours is that you end up eating 70% processed foods and while that may give you an immediate energy boost the long term result is less energy from your body working overtime digesting too much protein or processed foods.

Only eat when you’re hungry

It doesn’t matter so much if you miss meals. It matters more to keep hydrated with plenty of water. However, what does matter is what you place on your empty stomach. The quality of the food. First things first. (Eat the frog.) Always eat fruit, vegetables or salad first. On an empty stomach half an hour or more after your water. Fruit is an excellent breakfast if you’re running late. You could eat an apple or pear while driving to work.

Try eating fruit for breakfast

Any fresh fruit works (not juice) and there are so many to choose from. Eating fruit for breakfast will get you on the road to having a healthier body faster, plus you will have heaps more energy and more of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body craves. If you’re still not satisfied, have a piece of wholemeal toast with avocado or an egg after. When your body craves a sugar fix try a piece of fruit.

Eat the Frog

Have Raw Capsicum, Carrots, Celery sticks or Steamed Broccoli to eat before you have that burger, pizza or processed foods. Increase your eighty per cent first. Eating processed food will clog your system up, and slow your metabolism making weight loss unlikely. This eliminates that problem.

Low fat but high in sugar

Less consuming of low fat options – If it has all the fat cut out of it then it is likely to have alot of other ingredients that need to compensate such as sugar. Rather than choosing packaged foods opt for foods that are grown so you can enjoy natural fats which are important for our overall health.


Never have two days off in a row from exercise. That’s too much rest and makes it hard to catch up. Two days off and you are in maintenance mode. Three days off you’re in reverse gear..

Accountability is King for Weight Loss

Don’t forget your commitment to email your food and water intake every day, exercise and how you feel each day as agreed. Your exercise and eating habits determine your results.

If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to feeling energetic, healthy and losing that excess weight and most importantly, living a lot longer.

Take the advise from some very experienced trainers who practice what they preach!

The Top Coach Team!