Do you have the right balance in life?

Have you ever taken the time to see how balanced your life is?

By Chris Kennedy 

Which assets do you take care of the most? 

We hear about so many people who retire with all the riches they have deservedly accumulated only to die shortly after. I don’t think anyone on their death bed wished they had more toys or assets. I know they would’ve all wished they had more time on this earth. They would’ve wished they had looked after their health as good as they looked after their finances.

If only they knew how.

Hindsights a wonderful thing and we can’t change the past. However, with the information we have access to today, there is no doubt we can easily get another twenty years quality enjoyment.

Land of Opportunity

I was not handed anything in my life. I’ve been a self made millionaire. Not once, but twice. I’ve been broke and I’ve been bankrupt. (Self made too)  When I came out to this beautiful country in 1985, I hardly had a cent to my name. By employing the same ethics I learned from sport into business, I quickly became very well off. I went from humble beginnings to a life of owning several nightclubs, houses, units and blocks of land, fast cars, even faster women and very slow racehorses. From the outside, everybody thought “I had it all” as I was young, making millions, travelling first class around the world etc

All About Me 

However, I never had any real riches. I was very much a single man and did not want children. I never had happiness unless I drank. I had to hide behind a bottle just to be sociable. My life was all about me and more about me. Greedy, selfish and chockablock full of my own importance, I lived for the moment and couldn’t care less about the future, let alone anybody else.

Sick and Tired

Nevertheless, while I was filthy rich, I was always sick and tired. I was overweight and had constant heart palpitations. I always had back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain or some injury preventing me from turning it around and I was always on medication for ‘something’.  It was always someone else’s fault. Never mine. Deep down, I hated myself and could not deal with my problems without drinking.

Alcohol beat me 

Having fought for the Australian Heavyweight Boxing Title and competed against the best middle distance runners in New Zealand, I prided myself on having superior discipline to most. But even when I lost everything and my health was in jeopardy, I couldn’t I stop drinking. I was approaching my forties and did not care about the future. Discipline can’t beat addiction. Whether its alcohol, cigarettes or whatever.  And you would be surprised the similarities with sugar addiction.

Rock bottom

Although I certainly didn’t enjoy the process, it wasn’t until I lost it all that I appreciated anything. If it wasn’t for the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I would not be here today to tell this story. I had abused alcohol that much I thought my health was lost forever and dying is something you worry about in a hurry when it’s close to happening.  All the assets you thought were so valuable are suddenly worth nothing.

Real Assets

Life has a wonderful (cruel at the time) way of teaching you a lesson. It’s taken me a while, but today, I have my most important assets first. I have the most beautiful wife that I am absolutely in love with and have great relationships with my three children. I’m never sick or tired and in the best shape that I’ve been in for thirty years. I’m now approaching my sixties and I’m fitter, stronger and have more energy than most twenty year olds. I’m more excited about life than ever.

Help others get what they want and you will get what you want- Zig Ziglar.

I never understood what this meant until I ran Alcoholics Anonymous. Helping others gets you out of the world of self pity and makes you realise there are always others much worse off than yourself. However, I believe the key to it all is that you have the privilege to see other people overcome obstacles you couldn’t and these people truly inspire you and eventually you find a way over those obstacles. What I love about the health and fitness game is you have that same opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives. You know you are contributing to them  living happier and longer. Every week you meet someone who truly inspires you or motivates you to work harder

There’s always a future

No matter how bad your situation may seem, you can get out of it. You just need the right tools and support. Find out why you are self destructing. Seek the support and advice of others in similar situations. They are out there, believe me.
Be careful who you listen to. Opinions are like back sides. Everybody has one.
Seek advice from those who were in a similar situation to you and who have actually achieved the desired outcome you want.

 Practice what you preach

At Top Coach , we believe we have the tools to teach people how to live another twenty years. We have a holistic approach in health and nutrition. We teach you how to look after your body so you avoid those operations and make it last longer. We recommend a diet that will allow you to live longer and have a better quality life and avoid sickness.
We have the desired outcome you want.