Why Top Coach?

Over Sixty group sessions per week.

From 5:00 am until 7:30pm Week days.

We train Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Expert Experienced Personal Trainers

Personal or Group Training

Beginners Train Separate

Outstanding Weight Loss Results that last

Licensed outdoors at the very best of Port Stephen’s fabulous locations.


We start you slowly on your own or with other beginners so you feel comfortable and confident. We teach you the correct techniques, slowly improving your fitness and confidence before you decide you are ready to progress to the next level. By taking your time, your program becomes sustainable and realistic as a long term lifestyle option, not just a short term goal which is too challenging and exhausting to maintain. If you are new to fitness, haven’t trained for a while or have any injury or health concerns, we highly recommend you book in for a free consultation first.


Once you are ready, you can move up to Intermediates so we can focus on the goal you want, while making you fitter, stronger, happier and living longer with a much better quality of life.


Moving to this level, the trainers will focus on pushing and challenging you to achieve your goal.

Personal Training

A great option if you prefer to train privately in our exclusive fitness studio or you don’t feel comfortable enough to join group sessions as yet.

Injury Prevention

Our point of difference is injury prevention. We have a proud history of taking on clients with injuries and we resolve them. We teach you how to train correctly without the intimidation of a gym environment. 

Don’t like running? Knee pain stopping you from training?

If if you don’t like running or you are looking for something different that gets at least double the effect of running, try one of our HIIT OR Cardio & Core sessions. If your knees hurt while training, give one of our signature programs ‘Beginners Bullet Proof Your Knees’ a try.