Why Top Coach?

Premium Personalised Service

Expert Personal Trainers

New, state of the art private studio

Licensed outdoors at the very best of Port Stephen’s fabulous locations.

Over FIFTY group sessions per week.

From 5:15am until 8:30pm Week days.

Open Saturday , Sunday mornings and Public Holidays.

Beginners sessions run separate. At least two per day.

Top Coach Fitness Classes

What do we do?


We demonstrate how our current lifestyles are causing our injuries and massive imbalances. We teach you how you can overcome and avoid almost any injury with our expert guidance. If you are new to fitness, haven’t trained for a while or have any injury or health concerns, we highly recommend you book in for a free consultation first.


We focus on the goal you want, while making you fitter, stronger, happier and living longer with a much better quality of life..


Once you are ready, we can take you to places you have never been before and the results will amaze you.

Strength and Conditioning

We train top athletes in their respective field and give you an edge on your competition while most importantly, keeping you injury free.

Personal Training

A great option if you prefer to train privately in our exclusive fitness studio or you don’t feel comfortable enough to join group sessions as yet.

Injury Prevention

Our point of difference is injury prevention. We have a proud history of taking on clients with injuries and we resolve them. We teach you how to train correctly without the intimidation of a gym environment.