Allow yourself to be a beginner

When you build a house, the foundation is probably the single most critical factor for it’s long term safety and health. It doesn’t look sexy, and it doesn’t get a lot of notoriety, but it’s vital in the long-term.

It’s the same with Health and Fitness. The foundation is crucial. But everybody begins with good intentions and join those who are already fit and they try to keep up. They end up sick of training or worse, they get injured and are out for good. The house falls down because the foundation is weak.

When you are new to exercise or you’ve had a long time off, your core becomes very weak. Your glutes don’t work. And there will be others areas you need to strengthen that you didn’t know existed.

You need the latest up to date  exercises specific for you.

At Top Coach, one of our areas of expertise is beginners. We will start you slowly, building you up, while teaching you the correct techniques then gradually improving your fitness and confidence before progressing you to the next level.

Plus, you will be with other beginners, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

By taking your time, your program becomes sustainable and realistic as a long term lifestyle option, not just a short term goal which is too challenging and exhausting to maintain.

We have Beginner’s sessions on most days morning and evening.

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