Cardio Fitness Regime – Why its important


While there is no doubt High Intensity Interval Training (Anaerobic) will get you the fastest results in the shortest amount of time, its also important to understand this training is best when be supplemented with cardio (Aerobic) sessions, especially if you don’t have a base of training behind you.

Aerobic Exercise

This is low to moderate exercise that can be sustained over a long period of time. As you breathe more heavily with exertion, carbon dioxide is expelled from your body. Lactic acid is not produced as it is with anaerobic exercise.

Lung Capacity

Scientists call this maximum oxygen uptake or VO2 max- the maximum amount of oxygen your body consumes per minute of endurance exercise. As your aerobic (lung) capacity increases, oxygen is delivered around your body much more efficiently, increasing your recovery rate and enabling you to run further and faster.  When you increase your aerobic capacity, you recover much faster, your sessions become easier and you can handle heavier workloads.

Anaerobic Exercise (HIIT)

During anaerobic exercise, Oxygen is not present, glycogen is used as fuel and your body builds up lactic acid causing discomfort and fatigue at sustained levels. Hence, it can only happen in short bursts like sprints, heavy weights etc.. However, this builds the lean muscle and burns more fat even after the exercise so its what most people want.

But there’s a catch..

Too much anaerobic exercise or not being aerobically fit enough to handle it and your body will struggle to get rid of the accumulated lactic acid resulting in:

  • Your body breaks down increasing the likelihood of injury
  • Your immune system breaks down, increasing your chances of viruses colds etc
  • You become sick at the very thought of training

Do both!

In Summary, doing only anaerobic exercise is unsustainable. Even the worlds top athletes do more aerobic training overall, albeit most of that training would be anaerobic for a normal person.

Top Coach Tip

Supplement your HIIT sessions with as much aerobic activity as possible so your body recovers, flushes out the lactic acid and your lung capacity increases. With aerobic exercise, not only do you burn fat, build stamina and endurance, but you clear the lactic acid out of your system more efficiently.

For those short on time, scientific research indicates as little as 15 minutes steady exercise without stopping (i.e. running, swimming, cycling, fast walking) will increase your aerobic capacity and give you all the benefits.

Cardio Sessions

We have these on most days and they are for all levels of fitness. So, even if you only walk fast, you will reap all the benefits above while enjoying the comradeship of group training.

Treat them as such. Go at a steady sustainable pace. Not short bursts of intense efforts. (save those for your HIIT sessions)

October Long Weekend

We will be open for the normal sessions on Saturday morning and 3-4  sessions on Monday 5th October, so no excuses!

Fitness Tests and Measurements

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone these until October 12th. Gives you more time to prepare!

Have a safe and healthy week

The Top Coach Team