Cardio is King

Cardio should form a major proportion of your training time, especially if your goal is losing weight, having heaps more energy or slowing the ageing process.

I’d like to live longer so I’m interested..

Regular aerobic exercise causes your lungs to be more efficient and processes more oxygen with less effort. This maximizes the amount the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your small blood vessels (capillaries) will widen to deliver more oxygen to your muscles and carry away waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid faster. The more you do, the stronger you become and the more your body can handle harder training and recover faster. Initially, you will be tired, but over time your endurance and stamina will increase. Your heart will pump more blood with few beats.

Wait- there’s more..

Other proven benefits include more energy, improved cardiovascular fitness, boosted immune system, reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and cancers, stress relief, helps you sleep better and the best one of all, slowing the ageing process.

Improved Endurance and Recovery

In simple terms, oxygen allows your body to release and use the energy that you get from food.  The more efficient your body is at using oxygen, the more energy you can produce during exercise, which improves endurance allowing you to train for longer and recover faster.


Like everything we do at Top Coach, it’s best to learn to crawl before you can walk. HIIT and Sprints are great for fast results, but if you don’t have a foundation the house simply falls down. Too much anaerobic exercise leads to your body not being able to deal with the lactate resulting in possible injury, sickness or at very best, getting awfully sick of training. (How many of the biggest losers contestants keep going?) and unfortunately these days, today’s society want results instantly. They don’t want to build a foundation. That’s ok when you’re young, but as we get older we need to build up slowly.

What’s best?

Whether you’re walking, swimming, running or rowing really doesn’t matter. What does matter is you’re enjoying it and doing it. Just keep it steady so you can still talk, but not too slow to become ineffective. Especially between your HIIT and harder sessions.

Top Coach Tip

Please understand that any additional cardio you do is only going to help your training, no matter the goal. You will simply get better results much faster when you increase your aerobic capacity. This allows you to handle the harder workouts that get the results you are after. Without some cardio foundation behind you, you will struggle. Make sure you try our cardio sessions at the best out door spots in Port Stephens. Even if you walk, it will do wonders for you.