Congratulations Alana Macklin on being voted this month’s Star of the Month!  

Congratulations, Alana and well done from all of us at Top Coach! You’ve shone out lately, stepping up the training routine with more consistency to get fitter, lose a couple of kgs, and you’ve done it and some! You are looking great for upping the exercises and we remember you mentioning how you feel more fitter now than before after finishing 16 laps of dunes recently at One Mile beach. Go girl!

Alana Writes: “ I met Chris & Leisa in 2015/16 who were invited to be speakers at an Accountants meeting where they had come to talk to us accountants about the benefits of being active and how Top Coach works. I immediately liked their passion and honesty and their style of training. I had commenced my own business, resulting in long working hours, which meant exercise had taken a back seat with a lot of sitting in front of my computer. So I joined up so I could return to feeling fit and regain some time away from work & some sanity that exercising provides.

I regained fitness, then fell pregnant (over 5 years ago), which put a halt on training for a while until I was (not so gently) encouraged to come back. That was the best thing I did! Then COVID got in the way of regular training for a while, although I Ioved the Zoom sessions as an alternative to doing nothing. 

The sessions are great, I am always challenged and encouraged to go harder, do more. There is a lot of variation, and I particularly like the outdoor sessions. The trainers are so encouraging & motivating, as well as having to book in the night prior. It is very motivating to drag myself out of bed, just the thought of Chris giving me a hard time if I was to no show after booking! 😉 I like the fun vibe at Top Coach; the regular faces and the trainers are so dedicated to fitness and improving our overall fitness; it really is motivating and challenging every week.

I have always been quite fit & active, so I knew it was possible just had to put some time & effort in. Without Top Coach, I would not be as active!  The Weight loss Challenge has been great for me as well, this is the first time I have signed up, and I really recommend it if you need that extra push to move some kilos and feel fitter! My ultimate goal is to keep fit and healthy and as active as possible for as long as possible.”

Thanks, Alana wins a Top Coach Shirt and a $50 Gift Voucher to a Cafe/Restaurant of her choosing.