Congratulations Amy on your weight loss results

Amy joined Top Coach in August 2015. She had been struggling with her weight for years and lacked motivation. She also suffered back pain. Amy started out with a few personal training sessions to get started, help her with confidence. We have watched Amy transform to a healthier, fitter happier lifestyle. Her goals were to lose weight, get fit, tone up, eat healthier and then most importantly, maintain that weight. We are very proud of you Amy, you have changed your whole life for the better and have stuck to it. You are a gorgeous young women inside and out.

Amy’s story:  “In June 2015, I was 115 kg, and I now weigh 73 kg. I tried for many years with crash diets, weight loss pills and replacements, I even tried to workout a bit but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I had someone on my back constantly keeping me accountable to my goal of losing the weight, coming to the gym regularly and helping keep track of what I was consuming that my life changed and the weight started to come off me.

Being at the weight I was, it’s hard to explain the shame and upset that I felt constantly when I looked in the mirror or tried on clothes. I couldn’t sleep well and struggled constantly with depression because of how sick and self conscious I was. At such a young age no one should have to struggle with that.

Top Coach has helped me in a massive way by keeping me accountable to being at sessions during the week and helping to see what was stopping me from achieving my goals. That accountability was key to my success. I fell off the wagon twice. The first time was about 4 months in when I wasn’t seeing results and then again after one of my Europe trips in 2017, I started eating bad at work and put on about 8kgs because I wasn’t exercising as much as I use too.

I feel so confident and happy about the life changes I’ve made in eating healthy and exercising regularly. My body is healthy and my mental state is just as healthy. I’m sleeping better and my motivation towards everything in my life has changed. I never thought I would be one to say I LOVE working out and going to the gym but I live for that hour session 4-5 days a week, it allows me the clear my head and refocus on the really important things in my life.

My advice to anyone who is where I was, is that you CAN do it. Getting started is the key and never get discouraged. Make sure you have someone at a gym or workout buddy who can keep you accountable to your goal and write down what you eat, you’ll be surprised the changes you can make by just seeing how much you eat every day.”

Amy Ross