Congratulations Courtney Schmarr on your Weight Loss Results!

Courtney returned back to Top Coach earlier this year to make some changes in her health and fitness and to help her with her weight loss journey. She joined the Weight Loss challenge in April and has placed equal 3rd overall. Courtney’s mindset was just right and she has achieved some fantastic results and never gave up on it! We love seeing the new Court walk into Top Coach ready to start her exercise regime! All of us at Top Coach are proud of your great efforts you have reached especially in your busy life you lead.

Courtney writes: ” So these words are very hard to say out loud but at my heaviest just 9 months ago I weighed in at 92kg. I knew I wasn’t happy hiding away from the world, I never went out and when I did, I would hide myself under layers of clothes just to feel comfortable. It wasn’t until I found a lump in my stomach that I knew something was wrong! (There was nothing wrong turns out it was just hard fat) I knew I had to change something.

Being a chef in a very busy kitchen environment is difficult. I would just go for something quick and easy, what ever was ready to go at the time. (hot chips) I had convinced myself I didnt have the time to workout, I was too busy. I also suffer from popiteal archery entrapment syndrome which prevents me being able to run, followed by a car accident which hurt my back and deactivated my core, I felt like I had all the right excuses not to work out. But thats all they were “excuses” .

It wasnt until I saw Top Coach’s Weight Loss Challenge facebook announcement that I started to get excited again. So I sent them an email and Leisa got back to me straight away, even though I thought I was ready I still kept giving Leisa all these excuses like I’m a single mum, I work all the time my kids have sport 4 afternoons a week. But Top Coach were more than happy to work around me and my lifestyle.

All it took though was that first initial meeting for me to realise what I’ve been missing for so long. I started with a few weeks of beginner’s and now I’m never looking back. This weight loss challenge was good for me, as it kept me accountable and more determined to workout and try new things. Yes I fell off the wagon even during the challenge. Yes I ate and drunk somethings I shouldn’t of but that made me train harder. I am taking away from this challenge alot and the main one is to learn from our mistakes. We aren’t perfect, I definitely wasn’t. There is a lot of temptation out there and at times, I gave into them. I just remind myself not to be too hard on myself. I am in a much better place now than I was 10 weeks ago and thats the main thing. I now feel like I have the tools to better myself.

I now weight 72kg. I have gone down 2 pant sizes and 3 shirt sizes and have lost a total of 126cm. My advice to anyone I meet thinking about starting is just give it a go you will fall in love with working out, it is my escape time, my “ME” time. I don’t take my phone in so no one can reach me and the whole hour is just about me and no one else… I love it! ” Courtney Schmarr