Congratulations Deb Jones – placing 2nd in Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations Deb Jones – placing 2nd in Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Deb has done an outstanding job with her weight loss. Losing more weight than she thought she would. Deb should be commended for her great achievement as it all paid off at the end. Well done from all of us at Top Coach, you look fabulous. (Deb lost 9 kgs.)

Deb writes: “The main reason I joined the challenge was to support Heath to work towards his goals which led to me setting some goals for myself. I did not think I would lose that much weight I was realistically thinking I could lose 5kg. I have had difficulty losing weight in the past and didn’t know whether I was ready to be as disciplined as I needed to be. The biggest obstacles are always ongoing and that’s a work/life balance. Because of my work, I leave early in the morning and don’t get home until 5.30-6.00 so it’s difficult to get to the gym after a long day when you are feeling fatigued. It also meant being more organised to ensure that I wasn’t going for a quick easy option for lunch and dinner. It helped to be in the challenge with my partner as one of us was always able to get the other going and our children also adapted to our busier schedule. Top Coach helped with the accountability and helping to stay motivated. Sometimes it was just a see you tomorrow or you did well today in a session was enough reinforcement to keep you on track. To others, my advice is to just do it. Even if you are not 100% there mentally you soon will be within the first few weeks once you have made the adjustment. If possible find a friend/partner to team up with. It makes training more fun and you have someone to talk food/ training with and don’t bore your non-health minded friends. It’s well worth it when you’re finished!”

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Finishes: Thursday 1st April 2021 (Just before Easter)

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