Congratulations Sam Ingham, Winner of the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Sam has lost 32 kgs since joining Top Coach and has certainly become so much more fitter and stronger. Sam has been with us for over a couple of years and had knee/ankle issues and was also carrying extra weight. It only seems like yesterday, Sam was doing beginner sessions. He consistently turns up to train every week and his hard work has paid off handsomely.  Well done Sam, congratulations you look great!!

Sam writes: “At my heaviest, I felt ashamed of myself and just generally unhappy. It affected lots of parts of my life especially my sport as I found myself injuring my knees and ankles often, this only made me gain more weight. The heaviest I ever saw the scales was around 114kgs but it was likely closer to 117-18kgs as I avoided the scales for some time. I have attached some photos after I had just started Top Coach. Losing the weight was quite a challenge at the start as I didn’t understand the importance of nutrition and how to train for a specific goal. I fell off the wagon countless times but came back every time a little stronger. My weight went up and down a lot but ever so gradually it started to decrease. 

The difference is amazing! I am more confident in myself, have more energy and the athletic difference is astonishing. Top Coach has played a huge part in my weight loss. The trainers have helped me to understand the benefits of training regularly with a mix of different sessions. They have helped to stay consistent with my weight loss, allowing me to keep it off and not put it back on. This is mainly due to the sessions being enjoyable and always changing, I never get bored and the atmosphere is encouraging and friendly. The challenge particularly helped as it gave me a greater understanding of nutrition and its role in fitness as well as extra motivation. My advice for those in the same position, is you will always have highs and lows, so just don’t stop, keep going and start making a change earlier rather than later. It will be worth the effort!”