Congratulations Jacquie Briskham- Winner of the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Congratulations Jacquie Briskham- Winner of the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

A special congratulations goes out to Jacquie, who took out the recent Top Coach weight loss challenge losing an amazing 11kg and more impressive 12.5 % of her body weight!!! Well done Jacquie, from all of us at Top Coach, you kept on track and achieved fantastic results and you are looking great for it!

Jacquie writes: “I’ve never lost so much weight in so little time in my life! My health was beginning to suffer from all the additional weight but I couldn’t seem to lose any. All I did was slowly add on weight little by little each passing year. I was a complete beginner. I started the weight loss program the same day I joined the gym. This weight loss challenge is unique (I’ve done a few!) and it works because it’s not offering a silver bullet in the form of shakes or magic powders, instead the program educates and ultimately empowers you to be in control of your own health and fitness. It took a while to learn what foods kept you feeling full but contained fewer calories. You had to learn to say ‘no’ pretty quickly. At work, the day before the final weigh-in, there was a massive morning tea full of Easter eggs, hot cross buns and cheese. I ate the fruit!

The weight loss challenge worked for me due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, it uses a free calorie counting and exercises app that is really easy to use (no more looking up calories in books). This means you soon learn the energy value of food. Secondly, you know that Top Coach is looking at all your food and drink choices and I soon got a message after I went straight out for a piece of cake after exercising! Knowing that you’re accountable makes you think twice! Thirdly, it does bring out your competitive side if you’re that way inclined! “

Best regards, Jacquie

Thanks, Jacquie! Jacquie wins a $200 Gift Voucher to a restaurant of her choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt.

Next Challenge:

Starts: Tuesday 25th May 2021

Finishes: Tuesday 25th August 2021

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