Congratulations Jen Banks Equal 3rd place in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Jen was the runner up in our last Weight Loss Challenge losing an amazing 13.15kg’s and went on to lose a further 6.55kg’s this time. She is truly inspirational to all of us in making such remarkable lifestyle changes for the better. Jen started out at Top Coach early in 2017 with shoulder/back issues and has faced all sorts of obstacles. Being a shift worker and coming from Medowie, Jen always puts her health and exercise as her number one priority, she knew she had too and she pushed through all the challenges and it has paid off handsomely! You are just amazing Jen, healthy, fit and fabulous, a brilliant achievement, well done!

Jen writes” I didn’t really expect to make it in the top three, as I’d already lost the bulk of my weight in my first challenge.My friends and family and even many people at work keep coming up to me and saying how great I look! More importantly, I feel great!

Shortly before starting my first challenge, my health was really not so great. I had borderline high cholesterol and was taking medication for it. I got a virus which attacked all my joints with a rhuematoid arthritis. I needed Prednisone to help clear it, and I just felt unwell and out of control. My weight hit an all time high of over 97 kg!  

I decided to do the first WLC to try to take control of my health, both physically and mentally. The WLC is a lot of work and can be confronting, but with persistence on my part and encouragement from you at TopCoach, it is very doable and rewarding!  Sure I fell off the wagon sometimes, especially camping with my friends! However, with the support of Chris through the challenge, I learned to forgive myself and start fresh asap!  

After the first challenge, where I lost over 13 kg, I no longer needed any medication for cholesterol as it dropped down to normal, with my good cholesterol being really good, and am feeling great! Mentally and physically!  I decided on the second WLC to “fine tune” what I started in the first challenge. To learn more about where my weaknesses lie and learn ways to avoid the triggers, and because I was feeling so much better, I upped my exercise!

I have now gone from 97.5 kg to be at my goal weight of under 80 kg in only 8 months!! It’s so great to be able to buy new clothes and feel good in them! I’m not hiding my body behind things in pictures anymore!  I feel happy and encouraged to keep it up! 

I’d say to anyone thinking about joining a WLC, just do it! Commit to that 9 weeks of intense food diarys and exercise and you’ll be very surprised with the results! The amazing and constant support given by Chris and Leisa will get you through it! Believe me! You will even look younger!