Congratulations Jen Banks on losing 13.15kgs to be runner up in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Congratulations Jen Banks on losing 13.15kgs to be runner up in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge! -Congratulations Jen Banks on losing 13.15kgs to be runner up in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge! -

Jen’s story is a must read for anybody who thinks they can’t lose weight. Jen started with upper back/shoulder issues in early 2017 and has had to overcome all sorts of obstacles. She started wisely in beginners and was patiently there for a considerable time before she was ready to step up to the next level. She is a busy shift worker and travels to join us from Medowie. Jen always made her weekly sessions and was determined to make some significant changes in her life. During the middle of the Weight Loss Challenge Jen had to unexpectedly travel to the United States and she new she had some challenges to work around whilst being there and she did it! Jen has now lost a remarkable 13.15kg. Lost 11cm off her waist, 12cm off her hips and 13% of her bodyweight- We are all so very proud of you!. Not only do you look fabulous you have created a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Jen writes: “Before I started, I was the heaviest weight I had ever been. I had to buy size 18 pants!! Now I’m in some of my US size 12’s! In fact, ALL the tops I’ve been wearing are way too big! Luckily I bought small shirts when I went to the states in 2017 because I THOUGHT I was going to loose weight! 

Now I have all new clothes! I was very hesitant to join the challenge, however, I was sick of food ruling my life. I had lost all confidence in myself and started hiding away. I was addicted to food! I started getting lots of little and some not so little, health issues!  I hated anyone taking pics of me because I hated the way I looked. I felt that my being “fat” was just lack of self control! And in a way it really was. I used food for every emotion! Sad, mad, lonely, happy! So, I told myself I wasn’t in it to win it! I was in it to get control, get fit and gain my confidence back!

The first thing that struck me was the $100 bond! I knew that if you wanted us to be sure we were serious enough to have us pay a bond, that you would take all our work serious and be there for us throughout the challenge! And you were! I had extra challenges because shortly after joining the challenge, I had to rush home to the states because my mother became very ill. Now what!?? Besides the fact that I would be tempted by all my yummy favourite foods and the huge  array of choices over there, how would I get enough exercise in!? However, I was determined at this time and you were determined to help me get through it. It was great help that you sent me programs and core work, plus some weights exercises and I started walking. Walking! Walking! Everyday!

I lost so much weight with the help of the MyFitnessPal app and your encouragement. I will admit there were a couple of times I felt like a complete failure when you would remark in comments that it wasn’t a good week, or I needed to step up exercise, but mostly it was really great to get those messages and suggestions from you! It kept me going!! Being accountable by keeping track of everything I ate really showed me how much I really had been eating! Plus, this app tells you if the food is high in sodium or saturated fat, as well as the good things like fibre and vitamin C and low in saturated fat! I’ve been on every kind of diet. I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (albeit a disgraced member! 😂), I’ve been on a no carb diet which made me skinny, but very unhealthy as I lost muscle tone and hair! What you at Top Coach have taught me, is a healthy lifestyle change!  The challenge was just one part of it. It’s the atmosphere and group sessions at Top Coach that have made it so great. I don’t tell my friends I go to a gym! It is SO much more then that! I tell them ” I’m training today”! We are all like minded people of all different ages and fitness levels, being coached the entire hour we are there! You guys show us the correct way to do the exercises, to get the most out of our bodies!

The way I feel now is amazing!  My confidence is back! I feel great in my new “old” clothes! I went out with the gang last night, that I haven’t seen since I started the challenge, and their reaction was awesome!! They all told me how great I looked! I of course thanked them very graciously and told them that the best part was how great I FEEL!  Yes, I had a couple vodka and soda waters, not the fruity cocktails or sweet wine I used to have, and yes, I had a pub meal! However, NO chips and gravy! I haven’t had them in 10 weeks and I’m not starting now! I chose a lovely pumpkin soup, with plain sourdough today (not the garlic butter one on the menu) and a small side salad! I was quite satisfied! My friend offered me chips but I didn’t make a big deal about it, just said ” no thanks”.

So to sum it all up, I’m SO glad I found Top Coach. You and Leisa and Katherine and Brooke, are great trainers! I am also SO glad I did the challenge! Thanks for all the encouragement you guys gave me and the positive reinforcement! My advice to anyone wanting to start on the road to a happier, healthier, life, would be to just go to one session at Top Coach! They will see the first time they go that it is about them! They will get the help they need with technique without being embarrassed- Thanks again guys!” Jen Banks

 Next Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge Starts 19th September

We highly recommend you do beginners first for at least a month before the challenge starts so you can handle the harder training.

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