Congratulations Kylie Fogg who placed 3rd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations Kylie Fogg who placed 3rd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Final Results Lost: 8.2 kgs (7.7% of Bodyweight)

Kylie has done outstanding work with getting the results of her weight loss (Kylie lost 8.2 kgs.) Absolutely inspiring, you trained every day and with changing your eating habits and lifestyle and being really focused, consistent – you have done it! We are all proud of your achievements. Congratulations Kylie, you look fantastic.

Kylie writes: “My biggest reason was to lose weight but also to develop long term healthy eating habits and lifestyle. I was very determined to stay on course with healthy eating and regular exercise. Training with an injury frustrated me at times as I wanted to do more than I was able to do & having a week’s holiday at the end of the challenge was a challenge in itself. I made sure I had healthy meal options and cut right back on alcohol. (not what I would normally do on holidays!) Often I would cook two meals for dinner. A healthy, calorie-controlled dinner for myself and husband and another dinner for the kids. Top Coach was an integral part of my weight loss. Chris & Leisa’s continued support and encouragement helped me every day. The variety of classes offered also makes it easy to stay motivated to keep training. It’s a great bunch of people I train with that makes getting up early to go to the gym easier. One reason for my success if that every Sunday I sat down and planned what meals I would have for the next week. This definitely made a massive difference and helped me eat healthy for the week. So plan your week ahead!!

Next Weight Loss Challenge Starts 

Starts: Wednesday 27th January 2021

Finishes: Thursday 1st April 2021 (Just before Easter)

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