Congratulations Lauren Griffiths- 2nd place in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge – losing 10.15kgs!

Lauren started with Top Coach July this year. She was finding it extremely difficult because her knees hurt while being overweight. Her goals were to lose weight and increase her fitness, not to be in pain anymore, get the weight off her joints as well as to be healthy and set a great example for her daughters. You are well on your way Lauren! We are very proud of your efforts throughout the challenge. Well done on these fantastic results you have achieved so far- Lets keep motivated and keep it going!

Lauren writes: “My heaviest weight was the day of the weigh in! So I was at my biggest then. I had so much pain and inflammation and just not able to do much exercise at all. I’d been mostly fit most of my life until I had my second daughter and a lack of sleep and exercise I started some bad eating habits and gained about 30 kilos in 4 years! I got so sick of being in pain and being unfit and not being able to run after her and she runs fast! So I started looking for a weight loss challenge online. So glad the first google search I did turned up with Top Coach and my partner happens to live 5 minutes from the gym so it was perfect!

I’ve gotten so much out of the challenge and learning to be aware of the calories I’m eating and burning has been great and the accountability is a real motivator. Knowing that you’re not the only one going through the challenge of losing weight is helpful as well. The classes are the best part, you need to go at least 3 days a week but the more the better and as soon as you start seeing results from weight training you become so motivated to keep going and you feel stronger and healthier. 

I was going pretty well overall for about the first 7 weeks & then fell off the wagon after my birthday and having a ‘free’ day. The old ‘all or nothing’ mentality came back and I thought I’d blown it, so it was hard to get back into eating healthy again for a few weeks. The worst part is when you’re eating unhealthy, you don’t have as much energy to exercise.

A big part of this for me has been learning balance between eating good and not so good foods, staying positive and learning to eat for fuel more than anything else. One thing I noticed was the more I worked out, the more I craved healthy foods for energy and that’s when you really get the results, when you combine the two. 

I’m so glad I did it because it got me back into the swing of things, I still have a fair bit of weight to lose but I’d forgotten how much I love exercise, it’s a great stress reliever and I can’t believe I had stopped for so long. The daily emails are great too, I learnt so much just reading them. 

My advice would be to join the Weight Loss Challenge for sure, you will learn so much, you will get so much motivation and support and you can only end up healthier than when you started! “