Congratulations Nat Killen on placing 2nd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Congratulations Nat Killen on placing 2nd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Nat lost 6.65kg, 5cm off her Waist, 7cm off her Hips and 7% of her body weight. Nat has had some obstacles to work through which have been ongoing for some time but with a managed plan in strengthening her imbalances she has achieved outstanding results. Well done Nat, you look fantastic and deserve the change you are a beautiful lady inside and out and a true inspiration to others.

Nat Writes: “A little bit about my journey, which I hope will motivate others to do as I have…join Top Coach and feel fabulous!! Years before joining TC my life was a roller coaster of weight gain and loss, unhealthy eating habits and fads of exercise. My heaviest weight was after having our children when I developed postnatal depression, I was 107kg’s. I did a lot of emotional eating and was demotivated. I also suffered back and neck pain and headaches for many years only getting temporary relief from the treatment. The headaches developed into migraines and loss of vision which occurred on a daily basis. I knew weight loss and exercise would help me …..So that’s where my amazing journey of health, fitness and wellbeing began with TOP COACH on the weight loss challenge, and I couldn’t be happier. Chris, Leisa & Brooke are forever encouraging, motivating, and adopting a program of exercises that cater to my needs. Every day is a day of smiles with Leisa’s motivating claps and Chris’s praising voice saying “nice” ..😁😁 With their help, I’m now managing my pain, and migraines, and haven’t lost my vision in months …Which is massive for me… and no medication!! What I have gained from the weight loss challenge was the awareness of my eating habits using the online tools, how exercise assists weight loss, and more importantly, a process to sustainable well being. It’s an ongoing journey, one that I am looking forward too with Top Coach”

P.s never miss a Monday… 😉

Next weight loss challenge starts in August.