Congratulations Star of the Month – Fiona O’Connell

Fiona was unanimously voted by the trainers as January’s Star of the Month. She has achieved outstanding results since starting with Top Coach, losing over 8kgs and recorded a 9.4 in the recent Beep Tests. Admirable to see a very busy mum and and even busier doctor, still find the time to lead by example to be so dedicated to keeping herself fit and healthy. Fiona always gives her absolute best and never gives up at her sessions. Her hard efforts have paid off well and truly. Fiona you look great, well done!

Fiona writes: “I moved to Australia 4 years ago from (not so) sunny Scotland. I used to cycle 30K a day there to work and back & was pretty fit. Moving to Australia changed my routine and my training. I was driving to work and walking the new puppy dog rather than running so I piled on weight. Every time I started to train, I got injured and started getting behind.

I started Top Coach because I needed a boost and some motivation to get back into shape and lose the weight. I had friends who trained with Top Coach & I loved the idea of training outside. I just wanted to feel healthy again and get back to the same weight I was. I was pretty sick of feeling tired and wanted some support with how to train without injuries.

I’m almost back to my usual weight & have managed to start running again without injury. I feel stronger & fitter than I have done in ages & have lots of energy again. I knew it was possible but just couldn’t seem to manage to motivate myself on my own! Starting with the weight loss challenge was a huge boost. Becoming accountable to someone else made me become accountable to myself again. It helped me regain my mojo and it has been so easy to keep going. I have really valued the advice on training and specific advice regarding my injuries. Chris & Leisa were great at specifically targeting my weak points and everyone has been really encouraging.

I love the sessions, everyone is friendly and supportive. I especially love that they change every day & every week. Working unpredictable & long hours into the evening makes it hard to get to evening sessions, so the variety and  the early morning sessions has been great.  I love being pushed to do things I wouldn’t do myself. I love the friendliness & the support & the individual advice. All the trainers are great  and it’s fun.”