Congratulations Star of the Month: Laetitia Pienaar

You couldn’t meet a nicer person then Laetitia, she absolutely shines out for her efforts at Top Coach and these certainly have not gone unnoticed by anyone training alongside her as well as the trainers. She is a fantastic role model to her gorgeous twin girls who also join her for some of the sessions. Laetitia deserves the recognition for her outstanding efforts, keeping herself fit and strong, while being a very busy doctor and working mother.  An inspiration to all.

Laetitia writes:  “I joined Top Coach for the usual reasons….feeling frumpy and flabby at fifty with lack of self discipline, knowing that gravity sucks and death by chocolate was eminent. I needed a boss, someone to tell me what to do and how to do it. I found SO much more…..

  • My left hip injury from the local triathlon attempts, disappeared.
  • Lots of laughs as my co-ordination just would not initially allow for dead bug execution.
  • I recently learn’t that exercise stimulates cannabinoid receptors, not only endorphins….the high and positivity I feel at 10 am is credit to Top Coach…gives me weedy working wings.
  • Leisa’s cool music which she pumps up, leaving us feeling like we’re having a ball.
  • Chris’s TORCH class..’forgot the A at the end’
  • Brooke, herself, inspirational…
  • The 7 min quality time with my girls there and back.

The best class is the 5.15 am ….realising that the person you greet with ….I haven’t seen you in ages…later in the day, WAS with you at the 5:15 class but completely unrecognisable …no make up, hair in all directions, the REAL thing,.. I love the 5:15 am class, Its fun.

What I hate about Top Coach?” Side planks (And always will..)

Small goals…to not miss a Monday and Friday as suggested, to try a two week challenge in mid winter (attending every day) and then together with Audrey, give the Noosa triathlon a go. Long live Top Coach!”