Congratulations Star of the Month Alan Hartley

Alan thoroughly deserves this month’s award for his outstanding efforts every time he attends. It’s great to watch Alan train he is full of strength and power and is always impressive. He makes it look so easy-well done Alan! 

Alan writes: “Moving to the area in mid 2016, I was seeking a local gym for maintaining fitness as required in my job. I initially joined up to one of the local ‘go yourself’ gyms and went twice in three months. I spotted a Top Coach class in action and then enquired online.

Initially, my goal was just to attend. I had only ever had attendance success at one other gym, mainly because of it’s similarities to Top Coach. As a fairly lean dude, I understand how much extra work it would be for me to ‘bulk’, so my on-going goal has been to just get strong for my size and reasonably cardio fit.

Since attending Top Coach I have doubled to tripled my weights numbers on most exercises and I have improved from 1 or 2 unassisted pull ups when I started to now doing 3 sets of 10 last week. I am still working on the cardio, but have definitely seen big improvements especially over 5km and 9.5 up to 12.3 in my beep tests. Top Coach has definitely helped me with my goal, attending is half the battle. The rest was definitely the keen-as-mustard trainers. I always find the sessions challenging. The Trainers are always quick to assist with advice/form and correction. The environment is conducive for improving fitness and social chats.

Historically, I have always had neck problems where a tweaked muscle would sometimes even result in a sick day. Since joining Top Coach, the frequency has decreased from once every 3 weeks to once every three months on average. This continues to improve. No doubt in my mind. I’m awesome. (Chris said. Pretty sure Katherine did at some stage. Possibly Brooke too…Ha!)I like the great trainers and friends at Top Coach, I get to work out with my gym wife, Redmond. Plus I get to work out with my actual wife, Emily.” Thanks Top Coach. Alan Hartley

Thanks Alan. Alan wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 voucher to The Little Beach Boat House.