Congratulations Star Of The Month Allison Dove

Congratulations Allison Dove on being voted this month’s Star of the Month!  

Allison really deserves this award and recognition as she has gone above and beyond to achieve her goal. She has lost an amazing 11kgs this year while overcoming many challenges & obstacles, but never gave up and always had the drive to keep going.  Well done Allison, all the hard work you consistently did at the studio, working on your imbalances and taking part in the beginners, bulletproof injury prevention programs, taking it one step at a time has proven that nothing can get in your way! We are so proud of you!

Allison writes: “I started back at Top Coach at the beginning of this year to work on getting fit again and also lose weight. I had some injuries prohibiting me from different forms of exercise and have also been affecting my health for around ten years, so I knew that I needed to start building up these weak areas before getting into the more advanced stuff. The beginner & injury prevention classes were perfect for this and as the team were aware of injury issues, we worked together to build up strength without aggravating the injuries. I worked on this for over four months. As I got stronger, it was time to step it up again, so I participated in the weight loss challenge. There is nothing like a bit of competition for motivation and supporting each other as we work towards our personal goals! 

For the days that enthusiasm was low for getting out the door to the gym, I realised decisions are made one step at a time.  You don’t feel like going for a workout, that’s ok – change into your exercise gear.  You still not feeling enthusiastic, that’s ok – hop into the car and head out.  You arrive at the studio still feeling flat, that’s ok – all you have to carry inside are your car keys, water bottle, towel, phone and face mask (I also take my exercise mat). Before you know it, you’ve worked through and finished the session, and now you feel revived. Weird how a decent workout can put a spring in your step. I used this same motto for eating correctly. When everyone else at home was eating chocolate, I would think oooo that would go so nicely with my coffee, yes it would – but this time, I’m going to have a banana or a couple of dates instead. The sweet, creamy craving satisfied. I realised that when I felt like some crispy chips, that was ok; what I was desiring was something crunchy and savoury – carrots and hummus is a great substitute. I feel lucky that I enjoy fresh fruit and veg so again, it is a matter of one decision at a time.  I lost more than my goal; with help and encouragement from the Top Coach Team, I’ve lost 11 kgs! This was a kilo more than my initial goal, and as this was also achieved with COVID lockdown, I’m pretty chuffed.

I won my challenge of mind over matter.  This is an ongoing challenge, and now that things have opened up again, it’s time to sharpen my focus again, and with some more hard work – mind and body – I’m working towards losing another 10 kilos by Christmas!

I think it’s great that there are a variety of sessions, and even though there are some that I find more challenging and I have to work harder in, I know that these sessions are essential for my all-around fitness.  The new warm-up exercises make me focus (not just doing things absent-mindedly) and get me ready for the session. 

In conjunction with some new medication, a stronger body and eating very well, my health has been the best for over ten years.  Thank you Top Coach Allison Dove”

Thanks, Allison! Allison wins a Top Coach Shirt and a $50 Gift Voucher to a Cafe/Restaurant of her choosing.