Congratulations Star of the Month Christine Henry-Watt

Christine really derserve’s this month’s award as she has increased her training intensity lately and has definitely improved out of sight with stepping things up a little out of her comfort zone and mixing it up with more advanced level sessions. Well done Christine, you are truly an inspiration to show you can change your cardio and strength fitness if you really want to!

Christine writes: “I started Top Coach after I was given a voucher. I had heard lots of good things, but I guess I just needed this little carrot to motivate me. Exercise is very important to me as it boosts my energy levels and my mental health and going to Top Coach most days a week is now part of my routine and has kept me pretty fit and upbeat.

I love the sessions and find them very effective, my muscles are telling me so. My aim is to avoid losing my muscle mass which unfortunately is what happens at a ‘certain age’.😢…. my goal was to get somewhat stronger and I am happy to say I feel that I’m getting there especially the upper body. I can definitely feel my glutes now! (Chris told me I did not have ‘any’ when I started..!) I love the friendly and professional approach of the trainers. I only wish I had started earlier!

Thanks for the great job you guys are doing and keep doing what you do Top Coach, you have changed the lives of many people…for the best! Thanks so much.” Christine

Thanks Christine. Christine wins a Top Coach T-shirt and a $50 voucher to The Little Beach Boat House.