Congratulations Star of the Month Desiree Bailey

Desiree thoroughly deserves this month’s award for her consistent and hard work with training each week. She is always focused and arrives for her workout with her trademark smile! We have seen Desiree improve significantly with her goals over the time she has been with us. Desiree recently took part in her first Top Coach Charity 12k and did fantastic from running from start to finish.

Desiree writes: “I started at Top Coach due to having lower back issues. My boss knew I was having back issues and was struggling to find a place that had the knowledge to help me with it. That’s when she recommended me to Top Coach. My initial goal was to be able to run again with out any pain. When I started in beginner’s I realised I was weak in all areas, I couldn’t even do a single push up. So I started to aim for one push up.  I can now do push ups! I’m slowly building up my upper body strength, which is really surprised me and finally I can run freely again.”

At the start I didn’t think this was possible and I was a bit skeptical. However, within a couple of weeks I found my push ups were getting easier, I could even hold a side plank without feeling the need to swear. This was all through the beginner’s sessions. I said to myself get the technique right before doing anything else or moving on. I still go back beginner’s once in a while to refresh my memory.

Top Coach has really helped me reach my goals, I hadn’t had much luck with other gyms. To me it felt like they saw a young girl who could pay a gym membership and just wrote a list of exercises to do. So when I started at Top Coach I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care and knowledge they provided and the correct techniques they used to perform each exercise. I have never felt uncomfortable to ask for a bit of advice. Without them motivating me I don’t think I would have been able to do as much as I achieved in a year.

The sessions are fantastic. Everyone is supportive and encouraging and the different classes they provide has made my journey easier. I never thought I would be as dedicated going to each workout. I don’t think I would ever go back to a regular gym. I Ioved the trainers, the people, the environment, the classes. The support is tremendous. Even though I could be whispering swear words it’s only because I appreciate the session after.”

Thanks Desiree. Desiree wins a Top Coach T-shirt and a $50 voucher to The Home Interior.