Congratulations Star Of The Month – Jade Baldwin

Jade has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be crowned this months star! She well and truly deserves this award for all the hard work she always put in at training and her consistency. We remember Jade’s first day at Top Coach, walking in reluctantly behind her mum Peta. She was uncertain at first and we weren’t sure where this was going to go. (lol.) Jade, we love watching you train every day and there is always a thank you as you leave to start your day. You have increased your strength and fitness all the way!  Well done 👏👏 

Jade Writes: “I reluctantly started at Top Coach a few years ago when mum used to drag me in there a few days a week after school lol..  So far at Top Coach, I’ve noticed how much stronger I’ve become since first starting at the gym, not only physical changes but mentally. I’ve become a lot more confident within myself because of attending the classes constantly. Top Coach is enjoyable for me and is a part of my everyday routine. I love the sessions because of how each day is different both indoors & outdoors & there is always something new to try. The sessions are always challenging but also always a lot of fun. Top Coach has helped me become confident in a gym environment and the trainers are always pushing me to do the best I can and to reach my own goals.

I never started with an initial goal, but now my ultimate goal is to just be the fittest and strongest version of myself and to just continue getting stronger and stronger. Thanks to Chris Leisa Georgia and Jonas. “

Jade wins a $50 voucher to a Restaurant/Cafe of her choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt.