Congratulations Star of the Month John Clark

Congratulations, John Clark on receiving this months Star of the Month award! You certainly deserve it and to be recognised for all you have accomplished. Your efforts, dedication, consistency and energy is admired by all of us at Top Coach. Well done!

John writes: “I started in April 2017 to assist with treatment for a chronic long term workplace injury. Prior to joining Top Coach, I was a reasonably fit person having played touch football at National Level for many years as well as representing Australia. In 2015 I converted to touch refereeing, and by 2017 I was midway through the referee ranks. In the past I have not been a gym type person, I just never felt comfortable at gyms.

The friendly environment, small classes of great people and trainers have had a major impact on me dealing with my workplace injury.  The targeted training in areas where I was weak greatly assisted with my refereeing which helped me reach my goal of reaching the Touch World Cup in Malaysia in 2019 and being awarded a Grand Final to officiate.

Top Coach provides a great environment, it is full of real people who are just there to try and better themselves, not a place full of show ponies.  The trainers are excellent and are always willing to assist and motivate you, this is a definite plus especially on the days that you turn up and really do not feel like training.

The variety of sessions allow me to target training for what I have coming up.  You can target different areas of fitness depending on what classes you attend. The mixture of classes from beginners to advanced also allows you to fine-tune your training. I find I will still attend a beginners class to help fine-tune my training techniques.  This is the great thing about Top Coach they are always making sure people do the basics correctly, this allows you to be better at the more advanced sessions when you are ready. My ultimate goal is to maintain my fitness as best as I can so I can just do the things I want to as I get older. Thank you, Top Coach. John”

John wins a $50 voucher and a Top Coach T-Shirt.