Congratulations Star of the Month Julie Bass

Julie deserves January’s star of the month, as not only is Julie the kindest and nicest lady to know, she is an absolute joy to have in the training group. Julie just never gives up no matter how challenging her workouts are and will always give anything a go no matter what is placed in front of her. She may close her eyes for a moment and take a breath but she is straight back into it and ready for the next one!  Julie has shown great improvement with getting stronger and fitter and is always consistent week in and week out. Julie, you really deserve this recognition for everything you do, you are a true inspiration to all of us and a great role model. Your daughter Millie and your Top Coach family are very proud and love seeing you reach your goals. Well done, you are one legend of a lady!

Julie writes: “To be the star of the month is a nice surprise.  Millie is very proud of her mum! I started Top Coach after much encouragement from Millie who ensured me I would love the training. I am definitely becoming stronger and the ‘circuit/interval’ training has added to my cardio-vascular fitness. I knew it would be hard but the results are very pleasing. I love each and every session which I do, even when I am totally ‘wasted’ at the end – which is after most sessions Ha Ha! I like the trainers because they always help me with each and every session.  I am also enjoying the friendly vibe and the new friendships I have made in the classes.  I also like the challenges each class presents. Top Coach is most definitely helping me towards reaching my ultimate goal. Thank you,

Congratulations, Julie wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a voucher to Mavericks on The Bay.