Congratulations Star Of The Month – Karen Short

Congratulations goes out to Karen, who deserves this months award. Karen joined Top Coach following her retirement after many years in the Fitness Industry, whereby she managed just about every gym in Port Stephens! She has seen them all come and go and calls it as she see’s it, so when she joined Top Coach, it made us step up a level! Karen is the definition of a trainer who would never ask her clients to do something she can not or would not do herself and is a great role model. No matter what kind of session is offered, Karen always puts in maximum effort and is inspirational to others. Her energy and dedication to exercise and understanding the importance of moving our bodies every day. Karen is always happy & fun and always shows up with a positive, go-getter attitude!

Karen Writes: “After retiring from the Fitness Industry just over a year ago, I wanted to find somewhere that offered the type of training I wanted to do. With my experience in the industry, I knew what I was looking for. Professional, experienced trainers who could challenge me, group training, variety in my workouts including strength and cardio, and a fun place to want to spend part of each day. From day 1 at Top Coach, I knew it was for me. Having more time, my goal was to continue with my fitness journey. To stay strong and just ‘feel’ great. For me, it is always about the ‘feeling’. I knew I had the commitment to my training as it has always just been who I am, but after years of training other people, it has been so good for me to have professionals such as the team at Top Coach guide me, correct me when needed, and give me that extra belief in myself to push when they know I can do it. I have managed to achieve, what I set out to do. Find a new training environment, consistency in my training through routine, made new friends and maintained, if not increased, my strength and overall fitness. Thanks to the functional component of every class, my core and range of movement is the best it has been.”

Thanks Karen. Karen wins a Top Coach Shirt and a $50 Gift Voucher to a Cafe/Restaurant of her choosing.