Congratulations Star Of The Month – Kelly Hitchings

Kelly has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be this months star! She deserves this month’s award, she always goes the extra mile and is fit and fabulous that is Kelly! There is no off button when Kelly is at Top Coach, she is all go from the start to the very end of her training session. Congratulations from all of us at TC you are always a pleasure to train and loads of fun! By the way, your Welsh accent is getting a little easier for us trainers now. lol 

Kelly Writes: “How do you relax Mrs Hitchings?’ I am asked this quite frequently by the students I teach. Well, the answer is simple…I exercise to relax. It may sound ironic that I relax by partaking in exercises that allow me to jump in the air or push stacked weight bags along a sprint track, but yes, to me exercise helps me forget about being a wife, mother and teacher, if only for a short period of time. The feel-good effect that exercise provides me is so beneficial to my wellbeing, and that is why exercise has always been a major part of my life since I was a young girl. I have always undertook a ‘boot camp’ style of training, and when I emigrated to Australia from Wales back in July 2019, finding a fitness studio was very high on my priority list. Starting at Top Coach a few months after arriving in Australia was the best thing I could have done. I am very grateful for the recommendations posed by many for Top Coach as being a popular choice for group fitness training. The standard of training was exceptionally high and diverse, and meeting new faces was incredibly important to help me settle into a new country and way of life. Top Coach at this point in my new adventure ticked all the boxes and more.

I have always enjoyed being pushed and challenged in all aspects of my life, and my fitness goals are no different. I do not feel like I have had a good workout unless I struggle for breath or my muscles are shaking uncontrollably. I thrive on a challenge and joining Top Coach has been a fantastic opportunity to improve my fitness to the next level and provide a means of stress relief.  My goals are always being tested and developed, and this is a testament to the exercise physiology knowledge of the trainers at Top Coach who are always motivating me to achieve the next level of fitness. 

I have always relished an opportunity to push my body to limits that I never thought possible. I loved the opportunity to take part in Survival of the Fitness competitions and raise money for different charities whilst living in Wales. Presently, being a member of Top Coach has allowed me to improve my fitness goals with each session I undertake. When choosing classes to attend I always look for the ‘Advanced’ options, and I even laugh to Leisa about creating a ‘Double Advanced’ option. My goals in Top Coach are constantly evolving. I am becoming stronger with each weights session I undertake and muscles I never thought were there, are being strengthened. I love pushing myself and often try and keep up with the men in my sessions, ‘What they can do I can do, or attempt even!’ I have set a few personal bests in weights for strength recently and I wouldn’t have been able to even attempt these if it were not for the motivation and carefully devised exercise programs that are delivered by the wonderful trainers.

Attending the diverse, carefully devised programs at Top Coach is hugely contributing to my overall goals of improving my physiology knowledge, fitness level and mindfulness and wellbeing. Each different aspect of my fitness is improving; whether it is my cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscle tone, boxing technique and form, or understanding of injury prevention. I love undertaking the different sessions on offer and seeing how far I can be pushed and challenged. I am always asking the trainers for a harder option, and through their wealth of knowledge and understanding, the programs that are devised, cater for a diverse range of needs, abilities and levels. The option for so many classes surpasses anything that I have encountered before, and Top Coach endeavours to maintain inclusivity in all that it does. I really commend the trainers at Top Coach for undertaking this inclusive environment.

My ultimate goal in Top Coach is to be the fittest I can and to execute the different types of chin-ups with ease and without support! At 41 years of age, I feel I am achieving the fitness I had in my 20s. I am much stronger, more resilient and more fun than I felt I was when I was younger. I really enjoy the challenges that are created for me at Top Coach and I can’t help to laugh throughout my sessions. The social aspect of Top Coach keeps me smiling. I love to smile and sparkle and Top Coach keeps me young and fit for my daily routine with my Year 1 students.

I love everything about Top Coach. As an extremely busy mother, wife and school teacher, I am always running around after someone or something, and attend my classes often at the very last minute. What I would give to be early and chill out before a session commences, but my schedule does not give me this opportunity. I thank the trainers for their patience and understanding when I sprint through the doors to find a spot to train in. If I have booked in, by hook or by crook I will be there!!

Thank you to Chris, Leisa, Jonus and Georgia for putting up with my quirkiness, sparkle and Welsh accent that Leisa is now finally getting used to! Top Coach is truly a big part of my life and yes, there are times when I feel like sitting down and relaxing after a busy day in school, but when I have completed a challenging workout with the team, I am glad I sweated, grunted and pushed myself to my limit. After all, ‘No pain, no gain’, as my Welsh trainer once taught me! 

Thanks all! Kelly

Kelly wins a $50 voucher to a Restaurant/Cafe of her choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt.