Congratulations Star of the Month Mandi Johnston!

Congratulations Star of the Month Mandi Johnston!

Congratulations, Mandi Johnston on receiving this months Star of the Month award!

Mandi your dedication to your health and fitness is excellent, you are consistent each week attending your training sessions and you go to great efforts each session. Well done on achieving your goal of getting fit and gaining so much more strength.  You are so inspiring from where you have been to where you are now, considering you are still in remission from cancer and only last week your specialist said how amazing you look. You’re the best!

Mandi writes: “I started Top Coach to regain my fitness. After being a runner for several years I found I was a bit over running long distance so I stopped. I didn’t do anything for a while then decided I needed some inspiration and to get back into fitness before I turned into a blob. I had heard good thinks about Top Coach so I decided to give the free week a trial and the rest is history”.

My goal was to get and stay fit and healthy and lose a bit of weight in the process.  It’s taken me a while but I have gained a lot of fitness, especially in my strength work this year. I thought it would definitely possible as Top Coach makes anything possible. 😊 Top coach has helped me with my goal, they are so encouraging and motivating whilst making sure everyone is using correct form and not injuring themselves. I find the sessions awesome – sometimes very challenging but I have realised now I can do everything! (except ball sessions and pull-ups unaided hahaha).

My ultimate goal is to lose another 5 or 6 kilos whilst retaining muscle and keeping fit and healthy until I’m past it (aka, never!) I love Top Coach, love Leisa, Chris and Jonus – all the coaches, love the people, love the gym space and great equipment that is well cared for or replaced when it’s past its used by date – it’s all fabulous!

Thanks Mandi, well done.

Mandi wins a $50 Voucher and aTop Coach T-Shirt.