Congratulations Star of the Month -Matt Hinks

Since Matt joined Top Coach, he lost 18kgs! Matt has also made some impressive changes to his health and fitness. He started with us after his doctor said that if he didn’t do something soon about his high blood pressure, he would be heading for an early grave. Matt started out in beginners, learnt how to do his exercises properly and gradually built a base of fitness. He puts in awesome efforts into his training each week and has been so consistent to ensure he achieved his goals having lost 18kgs. Well done Matt it’s great training you and seeing you achieve these results!

Matt writes: “ I was 117 kg when I started Top Coach and I am currently 99kg. My general fitness, strength and health has dramatically increased. I was having blood pressure problems which have now completely gone. I never thought it was possible. I have tried for so long to do this on my own but couldn’t do it.

Top Coach has definitely helped me with my goal.  I’ve been to other gyms before, but I just could never stick with it. Top Coach feels like personal training with a friendly community. I love the sessions and everyone is really friendly and encouraging. There are no egos or mirrors and lots of variety so I never get bored. Lots of different times and days to train so I don’t have excuses. When I was just about to quit, all the Trainers never gave up on me and kept encouraging me.

My ultimate goal is to get back down to 85kg’s and start doing park runs.Thank you so much Top Coach for sticking with me!”