Congratulations Star of the Month Megan Davis

A huge congratulations to Megan for her great achievements at Top Coach. Megan started with really bad neck, shoulder and knee pain. She started with beginners and worked through the bulletproof shoulder/knee programs. Megan has been consistent by showing up at least four times a week and overtime has slowly improved and resolved her injury concerns. Megan is one of a kind, the nicest lady with a great sense of humour and fun to be around. Well done Megan, you inspire all of us.

Megan writes: “ I was hesitant to start Top Coach due to previous shoulder and knee injuries as well as being overweight and very unfit (I previously could not walk across a football field without resting) but the Top Coach team were always so encouraging, I thought I would at least give it a try and I haven’t looked back. My goal was to be able to function without pain, lose weight and inches, increase my strength and be more mobile. I also wanted to improve my cardio.

I have lost weight and more importantly inches and can walk 7 km easily every day. My strength, mobility and balance have also improved. I didn’t think it was possible that it would improve so much but I have just returned from a trip to Uluru and climbed easily to the rim of Kings canyon which would not have been possible for me to do 12 months ago. The daily sessions are varied so there is always something to choose and the Top Coach team are always adding something new to challenge you. The team are always encouraging with a great “sense of humour” and endless patience. They have created a safe and welcoming environment for all ages and levels of fitness where everyone encourages and supports each other. This has helped so much with my confidence and I realised that the only thing holding me back was myself. Thank you, Top Coach, for helping me achieve my goals. “

Megan wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.