Congratulations Star of the Month Myrandah Jeffree

Myrandah has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be crowned this months star! She well and truly deserves this month’s award for all the hard work she always puts in at training and her consistency. Myrandah is just a pleasure to have in the Top Coach group, we love training you and we have seen you get fitter and stronger with such a great attitude to making a lifestyle change. It is also great to hear your training buddies say to you the other day after your session “wow you look so different and are so much fitter now Myrandah”. 😊

Myrandah writes: “I’ve always been an active person, but after having two kids, juggling full-time work and running a household, I simply just ‘lost control’ of my health, weight and fitness. I knew pretty quickly it was time for some serious change. My family are incredibly supportive and always put me first to achieve my goals, the rest of the effort was and still is up to me. Shoutout to my friend Sarah Kneipp who trains at Top Coach, she was telling me how fun, supportive and encouraging Top Coach are and I should do a trial to see these things for myself. Boy was she onto something! The feedback about the gym was so great and once I did a week trial and took the first step there was no looking back. My goal was for weight loss and fitness gains and I’m so much fitter than I was 9 months ago and I weigh a little bit less too;). Top Coach has helped me 100% with my goal, they’ve given me all the tools to make it happen. They’ve taught me correct exercise techniques, motivated me when I needed it the most and inspired me with their own fitness capabilities and stories. The ‘Weight Loss Challenge’ I did back in January proved to kick start me on my journey and I’ll be keen to participate in the next one. I find the sessions great, challenging and fun! Always a good variety of classes so no two days are the same. My ultimate goal is simply to be a fitter, stronger and leaner. I love that TC is supportive, they listen to you and understand you. They start you out from the beginning to ensure your technique is sorted to prevent injury and work yourself up the fitness ladder. I love the most they include outdoor training in their program, there is always good variety in the programs. All trainers at Top Coach are friendly, encouraging and give you feedback during the sessions. Signing up is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I absolutely freaking love it.👌”

Thank’s Myrandah and well done! All your trainers and fellow members are incredibly proud of you and the hard work that you have put in and you are looking fantastic for it.

Myrandah wins a $50 voucher and a Top Coach T-Shirt.