Congratulations Star Of The Month – Narelle Boyd!

Narelle has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined with being nominated for this months star! Good on you Narelle, you’ve overcome all the hurdles that were in front of you with determination to change your lifestyle, lost 7.5kg on the WeightLoss Challenge and become a healthier you!! Slowly but surely, you did it. You improved your fitness all in the right ways! We are proud of your achievements and love that you now look healthier, happier and fitter; it was a shaky start back then.. but look at you now; it is so worth it!  

Narelle writes: “I originally found out about Top Coach when I was given a gift voucher. I normally did weights and machines at a local gym and loved doing this, but I was happy to try something different. After the trial period, I decided to join as it felt right for me. 

Previously my main problem was a frozen shoulder, which I was told could only be fixed with an operation. After coming to bulletproof shoulders and beginners classes, my shoulder improved to the point where there wasn’t any problem, and it is completely fine.

Over the past year, I had become lazy, put on weight and didn’t feel good or like who I was, so I joined the weight loss challenge and changed my diet. I managed to lose 7.5kg during the challenge and feel so much different in myself now. I have more energy and more motivation to exercise instead of just sitting around. I find the sessions really enjoyable and varied and never get bored. Everyone is really friendly, and there are no judgements if you aren’t as fit as others.

The Top Coach Team are absolutely wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble, and they are always on hand for advice and encouragement. I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to start or continue on their fitness journey. You couldn’t do better.

Thanks, Narelle: Narelle wins a Top Coach Shirt and a $50 Gift Voucher to a Cafe/Restaurant of her choosing.