Congratulations Star of the Month Narelle Mann

Narelle well and truly deserves this months award. She is amazing for her weekly exercise routine, not only does she put in many km’s each week with her morning runs but she trains at Top Coach daily and on many occasions adding two sessions a day. Narelle is a star all round, she always comes in with the biggest smile and greetings and always stays behind to lend a hand with packing away whether we are indoors and outdoors. You’re a great role model to us all. Well done Narelle, you rock!

Narelle writes: ”I have been a regular fitness fanatic and attended gym classes and/ run (slowly) on an almost daily basis for a number of years. On moving to the bay in 2014 with my work I didn’t track down a gym to attend initially just kept up daily running around Fingal Bay. Once settled, I started to investigate gym options and a friend recommended Top Coach, mentioning that they did great outdoor sessions which I had enjoyed in the past. So that is where my journey began and have been going to Top Coach regularly ever since. I have always found group classes much more motivating and enjoyable than just doing my own thing in a gym so really enjoy the variety and challenges provided by sessions with Top Coach and feel that this assists me to meet my goals. It also helps that I am now retired so can choose sessions that suit my busy day at various times, whether it is early or mid-morning or afternoon and add in a climb up the mountain or trek along One Mile, there is always something I can do most days. I just love the variety and also support provided by the Top Coach team and other wonderful people that we work out with each session.

My ultimate goal is to be able to live life to the fullest for a long time into the future and be able to be fit and healthy to enjoy travel experiences, family adventures and everyday activities. I think I am on track thanks to Top Coach! Keep doing what you do so well! Thank you so much, Chris, Leisa & Brooke.”

Narelle wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a Gift Voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.