Congratulations Star Of The Month Nerida Stocks

Nerida has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined with being crowned this months star! Nerida’s story is inspirational and indeed a great story about patience, persistence and never giving up no matter what the hurdles. Nerida has had many obstacles over the years, from spinal surgery to a bulging disc in her neck, so there were many imbalances to overcome. We’ve recognised how hard you’ve been working, and it’s great to see you now, the “new Nerida” feeling and looking great after losing a few kgs and a lot stronger. A well-deserved award for your consistent weekly routine and your efforts to achieve your goal of being focussed on getting the result to feel the way you do today. Well done!

Nerida Writes: “Thank you all so much for this award. I started at Top Coach as I needed a new focus, having finished studying and years of long working hours. I set myself the goal of getting fitter, stronger and healthier and losing a few kilos. I was just saying to Chris a few week’s ago, that I can’t believe how far I have progressed, considering all the hurdles I have had to overcome. I’m about 80% there, time to make some new goals! The encouragement of trainers and the friendliness of all the participants at Top Coach are what really make the difference. I am enjoying the high that you get when you notice you really are stronger or have a muscle “there” that you never had previously. I love that every session is different and challenging and when I see the really fit people challenging themselves, I am inspired all over again. I really want to be able to get my kayak on the car myself, and maybe do a Parkrun. Last year that seemed impossible.

Once again, thank you. It is great to be focusing on being fit rather than being unable to do things ☺.”

Thanks, Nerida. Congratulations from all of us at Top Coach. This is a fantastic achievement.
Nerida wins a $50 voucher to a restaurant/cafe of her choosing and a Top Coach T-Shirt.