Congratulations Star of the Month Peta Baldwin

Congratulations Peta Baldwin on receiving February’s star of the month award! Your efforts and hard work have been well worth it and has made such a positive difference with your fitness and you look fantastic! Peta has really upped the ante with her exercise routine, now training most days and has been giving it everything she has in her sessions.  Well done Peta, you are inspirational to watch how you’ve steadily advanced on getting fitter and stronger and look great for it! Your family, who are now training alongside with you are very proud, to say the least, and so are all of us at Top Coach!!

Peta writes: “I have been coming to top coach on and off for about 8 years. I started in the beginners hoping to improve my fitness. It has now become a habit and a hobby and I hate missing sessions. With me, continuing to show up and really committing to sessions and all the trainers pushing and helping I can definitely feel the improvement. I’m even not hating running (Or probably better explained as jogging for me) anymore.  I know I would never get this far without Top Coach. Group training makes me push further than I could or would on my own. The atmosphere at all classes is relaxed and everyone is welcoming. All the trainers are so enthusiastic, encouraging and inclusive. I love that there are so many options for the week’s classes. I particularly like the outside options. The booking system app is easy. 

I have loved that my husband Chris has started coming and both my daughters Jade and Holly are now enjoying top coach as well. I can’t thank Chris, Leisa and the team enough for the encouragement and commitment they have to all their clients. My ultimate goal is to continue to improve cardio fitness and maybe even aim to run 10 km! (Did I say that?)”

Thank you 😊

Congratulations, Peta wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a voucher to Mavericks on The Bay.