Congratulations Star of the Month Peter Hallet

In November 2017, Peter was in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit at the John Hunter Hospital after he sustained a scratch to his arm from his mountain bike ride which turned into Sepsis. Since starting back at Top Coach at the end of January, all of us have admired his determination and amazing recovery. Peter looked a shadow of his former self, but started gently with a few private sessions, then beginners, and we now can’t believe he is even stronger than he was before his life threatening experience! You are truely an inspiration to your family and everyone around you.

Peter writes: “I started Top Coach after, my wife, Melissa started. I could see what results she was getting from her training. Although I was training and riding every week, I needed more variety in my workouts. I had been more than happy with the results of my training up until the end of last year. I felt I had started to develop good strength and cardio fitness. Unfortunately an unexpected illness changed all of that. After returning to training I felt like all of the previous hard work had gone out the window. However, I think it was the fact that I had been fit that allowed me to recover as well as I have. My strength has now returned, I have been setting some PBs with the weights that I have been lifting, however I still have more recovery. I was not sure what level of fitness I would have been able to achieve since my illness. I was certainly impatient, but I’m glad I persisted. My short term goal is to start running again, crazy I know. My ultimate goal is to enter some more Mountain Biking events with Melissa in the future. I would also like to return to Tae Kwon Do with the possibility of attending the Masters Games again this year. Hopefully I can also consider grading for my 3rd Dan some time this year or next.

Top Coach has been a big contributor to my fitness and recovery. There has been fantastic support and encouragement from both the trainers and the other members. Chris, Leisa, Brooke and Katherine have been amazing, they are all a credit to the success of Top Coach. I also need to make mention of James and Red, their advice and direction has been invaluable. As for the other members, you all create a fantastic supportive training atmosphere, it is a pleasure to be able to achieve our goals together. It has also been such a pleasure to see my wife Melissa, my daughter Hannah and her partner Sam reach their goals and continually improving, they have also been a huge inspiration. 

 The variety of sessions is what helps make Top Coach exclusive. You never get the feeling that you are just one of the crowd, there is always the opportunity for coaches to help with the unique requirements of every member. Support, comradery, customised coaching, variety, good equipment, encouragement, well organised, friendly team, smiling faces, what more can you ask for? “  Peter Hallett. 

Thanks Peter. Peter wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.