Congratulations Star of the Month – Sam Ingham

Since Sam joined Top Coach, he has lost 24kgs while becoming so much more fitter and stronger. He consistently turns up to train every week and his hard work has paid off handsomely. It only seems like yesterday, Sam was doing beginner sessions. Well done Sam, congratulations!

Sam writes: ” I started Top Coach because Hannah dragged me there. But I’m so glad she did. I gained weight after finishing school because I wasn’t doing as much sport and not eating right. My first goal was to lose 10kg. I have now lost just under 25kg and never thought this was possible.

Top Coach has absolutely helped me reach my goals. They showed me how to train properly and helped greatly during the footy off season, this was when I lost most of my weight.  I love that Top Coach introduces new sessions every few weeks so it never gets boring. Also the sessions that I have done before are just as hard! I find myself being able to do more reps and lift heavier, it really shows your improvement. I couldn’t do a pull up before starting Top Coach, now I can do 8 (with a goal of 10)!

I love the community at Top Coach, it’s a safe environment where no one judges you and I’ve met so many new people. My favourite classes are the heavy weight classes, mountain bike rides and HIIT circuits. I also like how you can’t slack off because someones always watching and pushing you further and further each time. I also think all the trainers are incredible! And I wouldn’t be where I am now without them (and Hannah for dragging me along in the first place).  Thank you Top Coach!”