Congratulations Star of the Month Scott Grant

Scott is truly amazing. Not many people know, but Scott is currently going through his third cancer treatment. He just finished a week’s radiation and next week starts chemo…again. Scott is one of a kind, extremely tough mentally and has made a lot of progress to gain his fitness and strength back physically.  We saw him return to Top Coach in beginners and continue on in leaps and bounds getting stronger each week then joining back to his advanced sessions!. His sheer determination to never give up and never give in is so inspirational to all of us. 

Congratulations Scott on receiving this well-deserved recognition, Star of the Month from all of us at Top Coach. You are admired by all around you and your Top Coach family are with you and do anything we can to support you through this dreadful disease. 

Scott Writes:  “My partner Desiree had been a member at Top Coach since 2017 and had been trying to convince me to come and give it a go. I didn’t think I would like that style of training as I had been used to just going to a regular gym. I eventually decided to give it a go and was hooked from day one.

I had been going to a standard gym for years prior and was never making much progress so I didn’t think I would ever achieve the fitness level I was able to with Top Coach. I really enjoy this style of training, so it makes working out much more enjoyable. It never feels like a chore going to the sessions and I am constantly learning new things from the trainers. I find the sessions very challenging but just as enjoyable. I always enjoy the H.I.I.T sessions despite how difficult they can be.

As I am currently undergoing radiation therapy my main goal for the moment is just to maintain as much of my fitness as I can before treatment ramps up. I know how important health and fitness is with going through cancer treatment so I am focusing on that for the moment. Leading up to my relapse last year I had made a lot of progress with my fitness. I was constantly making new personal bests. I have lost a lot of that progress unfortunately but am confident I will get back to that level once I finish treatment. My ultimate goal is to be live a long and healthy life. I want to still be lifting weights and working up a sweat into my senior years.

My favourite thing about Top Coach is the community. Everyone is really encouraging of each other and helps push each other. You don’t see that at any other gym I have been to. “

Scott wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.