Congratulations Star of the Month: Sharne Edwards

An amazing lady walked into our doors at Top Coach and has really turned her life around from a path she needed to step off. Congratulations go to you Sharne from each and every one of us at Top Coach. We have seen a massive change in you from the first day we met you. You deserve to be recognised, having succeeded in so many ways. Along the way you have encouraged, inspired and motivated those who needed a push or an example of what you can really do with your health and fitness if you really want it. We just wanted to say, “way to go and we are proud of you. Keep up the good work”. It is rewarding to see you improve your quality of life and experience a renewed joy and passion. We wish you continued success Mighty Mouse. xx

Sharne Writes: “My beautiful 13-year-old son at the time was suffering from low self-esteem, insecurities and lacking in confidence. I did not want to follow the path with mainstream counselling. I was searching for a place that would allow a young teenager to come in and train to get fit and I could go along and train together. My goal was to spend quality time with my son training together to become fitter, lose weight and become stronger to enable us to turn the corner. We have turned that corner! The early morning starts are no longer daunting & easy to spring out of bed these days and look forward to the training sessions. I have learnt how to run. I have a lot more energy. I didn’t think it was possible to learn as much as I have done about my body.

I joined the Top Coach Challenge in order to learn how to eat better, lose weight and I wanted more energy. I started at 87.6kg’s and on the final weigh-in, I was 83.2kg’s and came 4th in the Challenge. Whoo Hooo. I have a nickname called Mighty Mouse and I am now the Mightier Mouse because as of 16.05.19 I weighed myself at 79 Kilos. I am not so top heavy now and I am improving my back and posture and have learnt to hold my head up higher. I am stronger in the core. I walk Tomaree Mountain twice in a row now Thank you Sooooo much Leisa for encouraging me to begin to walk it twice ☺ never looked back. My breathing is better my skin is healthier … I am smiling every day and have picked up a new ADDICTION …called Top Coach.  The list goes on!

Top Coach has definitely helped me with my goal, I am totally SPEECHLESS they are AMAZING the mentoring and the wonderful support given to my son right from the start from Chris showing my son how to box and use the weights and build his confidence and self Esteem  WOW….:) Thank you Chris ☺ I am taking a bow to the whole team a very BIG BIG THANK YOU for their support and professional guidance in every class. They are with you the whole time correcting and keeping us safe from injury. I have never ever seen this before in any other gym environment before and I must say this is one of the major points that I pass onto everyone who may be interested in joining is that they care so much about each and every one of us individuals creating a fun atmosphere so that you enjoy yourself and want to keep coming back for more every day. You meet so many lovely people that you train with that encourage each other buddy up to enable us to challenge ourselves to get better. Team support is amazing. No classes are the same they are forever changing always something new to learn. All sessions are so informative with lots of fun and forever changing timetable each week. The classes go really quickly as well before you know it you are out and moving on and feeling fantastic. I really enjoy having the PT Sessions from time to time to keep us on track to make sure we are continuing to do the exercised correctly. It has begun as a life-changing journey and will stay with us forever to keep getting stronger and fitter every day and to enjoy my time training along with beautiful people doing the same thing and passing it onto others so that they may join up.

It is like a big family all working together with the wonderful support and encouragement you receive to each and every one of us with all our individual needs. You can ask questions any time you like and get good feedback from the trainers. You are constantly working on all your different parts of your body. They have so much passion and they care about our HEALTH. I like that you can train out in the great outdoors as well as the Studio”.


Thank you  Thank you

Mightier Mouse ☺

Sharne wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.