Congratulations Star of the Month Sharon Turley

Sharon has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be crowned this months star! Sharon really deserves this award because she has increased her exercise routine and stepping up to other types of sessions that are also beneficial to her.  She has also been focused on a healthier lifestyle doing extremely well in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge. Sharon, you are so much fun in the sessions, we love your sense of humour and we admire what you do with your busy weekly schedule with work, travel and looking after yourself in getting stronger and fitter and healthier. Well done!

Sharon writes: “I started Top Coach because I was overweight, not doing any exercise which was starting to affect my health. Two of my work colleagues suggested I try Top Coach. I now feel more confident in myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I am now learning how to run and my biggest achievement the sand dunes. Who would have thought! It does not matter how slow you are or how long it takes, just work at your own pace to achieve your goal. The class I enjoy the most are the circuits but I always enjoy beginners and back to the basics. What I really like about Top Coach is that it is not a pretty gym and you do not have to have the look, clothes and body to belong. The support from other people and the friendships you make makes you want to come back. Of course the trainers. The classes outside the studio are more challenging but when you finish it feels fantastic and makes you step out of your comfort zone. 

I never thought at all I would last at Top Coach but I kept coming back. I will always remember after my first class, I went home feeling sick in the stomach thinking this is not me at all and here I am coming in for a 6 am class to fit in with my work schedule.

Without the support of the Team at Top Coach, I definitely would not have lasted. Without the encouragement to keep going I would have given up months ago. But you should never miss a Monday!

As my time with Top Coach increased it became clearer to me what I wanted to achieve, to be able to participate in the park run and complete three Cape Walk in Tasmania. My ultimate goal is the same as many people to improve my health through fitness but if I can complete my walk-in Tasmania planned for late 2020 look out world here I come!!”

Sharon wins a Top Coach singlet and a voucher to enjoy at the Home Interior Cafe, Nelson Bay.