Congratulations Stars of the Month Beth and Barry Venter

How wonderful is it so see husband and wife train together at Top Coach. Barry and Beth are very busy people in there respective professions, travelling to and from Newcastle daily, but they both make the time to exercise. Both give their very best at every session and are always having joke and make training them a pleasure. It is very inspiring to see them have the same interest to stay fit and healthy. They are great role models to others to achieve the same outcomes.

Its great to see fitness is so important, doctors make it a top priority. Barry writes:

“Started Top Coach as Beth is very focussed on health and life balance and my only exercise was surfing occasionally. No real time to do anything else. We are all time poor. A couple of my friends had also been going and enjoyed it. I needed to get fitter than I was and had made various attempts to do it by myself without much continuity. TC was convenient. It is always a bit daunting to start a new activity (especially when there are others around) so took a bit of pushing to get me there. Primary goal was overall fitness and strength to reduce risk of injury, knees and back.

I am fitter now than I’ve been since I was a med student playing water polo (30 years ago!) Always believed it possible but seemed very distant possibility. TC is great fun. Coaches are professional and keep the motivation going to help push that little bit harder. The sessions are well planned and balanced.  I tend to go to the sessions at 6:30 pm so have a mixture of whatever is done at the time. Overall I think this is a good thing as I am not just choosing a specific type of session. I am not a morning person. (Don’t belong to the insomniac club) TC is user friendly – takes 90 minutes of your day and you get huge benefits. There is a good mix of sessions and there is definitely a sense of comradery in the groups.”  Barry Venter


Beth writes: “I’ve been exercising for years, mainly to keep myself in shape, keep fit, and control my weight. But after a while I realised that in fact exercise was great to manage my mood, general demeanour and stress. So exercising regularly makes me better overall. When my kids were younger I ran a lot, and trained for a marathon each year but now (since we arrived in Australia) it has become much more difficult finding the time to do any distance- with getting the kids to school in Newcastle, and travelling to Newcastle myself, for work everyday. A friend of mine told me about TC and convinced me to join. Being so time poor it is a great way to squeeze some exercise into a busy day. I don’t have to think about my workout, I can just arrive and the trainers tell me what to do. I like the fact that they are particularly focused on form, since correct form is the best way to avoid injury. Because time is so tight in our lives these days, I like to work as hard as I can whenever I exercise to gain maximum benefit – the TC classes allow you to do this since you are encouraged to work as hard as you are comfortable with. I want to feel completely flogged after a session to feel that I’ve accomplished something.  Plus the classes run for a full hour which is great. The trainers are thorough but fun as well. I know that I need to exercise regularly, continuously and efficiently to have a healthy and happy old age, and TC is certainly helping to achieve that with good functional exercises. I like the fact that the classes are varied, with new exercises to keep the classes interesting, and the different venues too.”  Beth Venter

Barry and Beth both win a breakfast voucher to the beautiful Birubi Crest and a Top Coach t-shirt.

 Have a happy and healthy week.

The Top Coach Team!