Congratulations Stars of the Month Chris and Ian Morgan

A huge congratulations go out to Chris and Ian Morgan for reaching outstanding results with their weight loss, fitness and strength goals. Since joining Top Coach, Ian has lost 15kg and Chris has lost 11kg. Former doctors, they came out from the UK to ‘retire’ and have never looked back! They have both made the effort to turn up to training at least 4 times a week, while also doing some walking most days. They are a great example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Well done, you both look so happy and are great fun to be around!

Chris & Ian write: “We joined up after a very positive personal recommendation from our son and daughter in law. Closely followed by the realisation that if we wanted to get as much as we could out of the fantastic life opportunities Australia offered, we had to be prepared to invest time and effort to improve our general physical fitness. Our initial goal was simply to improve our physical fitness. Weight loss was an obvious target. Since joining up Chris has lost 11kg, and I’ve lost 15kg. However, it wasn’t long before our rather simple initial shared goals morphed into our separate personal goals. For me, general fitness i.e. a mix of cardio and core strength together with some weight sessions have proved to be my favourites. Chris’s tastes differ somewhat. She really enjoys the weights sessions, and is getting back into running and wants to pursue this.

Well neither of us feel as old as we did 1 year ago! That is a massive step forward. We feel more alive and we are eating more sensibly. The overall ethos of Top Coach has encouraged and enabled us to make these massive lifestyle changes. Because of our past history of having had a personal trainer back in the U.K., together with our medical knowledge, we did know that such changes would be achievable and of great benefit. However, as always lifestyle choices intervened. Extensive touring of Europe initially on motorbikes and then in our RV, seduced us and encouraged us to lead a less healthy lifestyle.

It would be impossible to overstate quite how instrumental Top Coach has been in helping us move forward. The concept of personal training within a group environment seems contradictory, but it really does work. This is where we offer a massive compliment to Leisa, Chris, Katherine and Brooke. Without the extra effort they all make to personalise the experience it wouldn’t work so well, plus we both love the huge variety of sessions offered, which enables Chris to avoid boxing, and me to avoid running, but still have a wide choice of sessions to choose from.”

Chris and Ian, win a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.