Congratulations Star of the Month David Betell

Dave has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be crowned this months star! Dave certainly deserves this award and recognition for his efforts. He has been a longtime member of Top Coach, is always a pleasure to train and always puts in great efforts in his sessions. Lately, he has stepped up the intensity and has improved even more. Dave usually comes along with his daughter Mary, which is fantastic to see families workout together. 

David writes: “ I started Top Coach to get back to some type of fitness level and to lose a few pounds. I was having back issues all the time when working, and in general day life which was causing my grief. My goal was to get back to a fitness level, to just enjoy life on a daily basis, and set an example to the kids, that if I can do it anyone can. I am 55 this year, and I feel as good as when I was 40, I feel great each morning (almost) and to be able to come to Top Coach and to push yourself each session is an achievement in itself.

I didn’t think this was possible at the start, motivation is a big factor. I have been to other Gyms, but doing it alone was hard to keep going. At Top Coach and after doing different sessions, and working in a group, it became more enjoyable, as you are pushing each other to reach our goals. It would not be possible, without the expertise and knowledge of Top Coach and learning the right techniques, and identifying my weakness it makes you improve the way you train, plus it makes it more enjoyable. The variety is the main thing, I enjoy the weights, and Boxing the most, also not at the time, but the HIIT circuit classes are a good way to get your cardio fitness up, and feel much better after it is all done. Thanks, Top Coach!”

Congratulations Dave and well done! Dave wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 Voucher to Mavericks on the Bay.