Congratulations to Stephen Leahy placing 2nd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Congratulations to Stephen Leahy placing 2nd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Woohoo, a huge congratulations to Steve Leahy who lost a massive 11kgs! This is sensational, Steve especially with all you had ahead of you with your work commitments and travel whilst trying to focus on your weight loss goal. Goes to show how committed you were to make these changes for yourself with the obstacles along the way. You stayed disciplined and aimed for the end goal. Well done you are looking fitter and so much healthier these days. 👏

Steve writes: “After a significant change in jobs and COVID, I had put on a stack of weight and I was keen to lose it…instead of buying new clothes. With Top Coach right next door to my office, I could see and hear how motivating the trainers are and I felt that I had to get my fitness back. The Weight Loss Challenge was the perfect motivation to achieve this. It’s much easier to put on weight than take it off but I was pretty surprised how much I had lost over the two months. Chris and the team kept supporting me and their encouragement was paramount to my weight loss. You need to have a goal and the Top Coach guys kept me motivated. I was worried that with some significant work travel things could go astray but they provided me with plans and tips to stay on track. I missed my wines and the Friday night pizza but it was well worth it. Work meant a lot of dining out but my colleagues and friends were encouraging.

The Myfitnesspal App was great. It made you remain accountable and kept you on track. By having Chris monitoring your progress, he could keep you motivated and push you in the right direction. The App is key to success and you have to be absolutely honest with yourself when entering your food and exercise details. It can be hard to stay on track for two months, especially if you have to give up your favourite foods or there are external forces like friends or trips away that could tempt you. Remember the goal at the end and keep aiming for that!

Thanks, Top Coach, I feel great!”

Steve wins a $100 Gift Voucher to a restaurant of his choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt.

Next Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge:
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Finishes: Tuesday Tuesday 25th August 2021
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