Congratulations to this month’s Star of the Month – Jayme Lennon

A huge congratulations to Jayme for her great achievements at Top Coach. We have seen Jayme overcome her injuries simply by being consistent and committed. She sticks with her weekly routine also attending the bulletproof sessions that have really helped strengthen her imbalances and have made a huge difference to her training sessions. Well done Jayme, you are such a pleasure to train every time you come to TC.

Jayme writes:  “ I first joined Top Coach in 2017 after a history of gym memberships I paid for but never used and getting injured every time I tried a new fitness regime myself. I joined with the goal of focusing on taking the time to get fit the right way so I could get back to being active and pushing my limits. Three and a half years later, going to the gym is now well and truly second nature and something I look forward to each day. I particularly enjoy the boxing and weights sessions and am getting better at running each session now my knees and feet are pain-free.

The team at Top Coach have done an amazing job creating a supportive and judgement-free atmosphere for people of all ages and abilities to work towards their own goals. The trainers are all great at individualising training to accommodate any injuries or imbalances and provide recovery support alongside the advice of your physiotherapist. This means that there’s no chance of walking away from a session without feeling like you’ve challenged yourself and made steps in the right direction. Training with other friendly, like-minded people makes it so much easier to keep showing up and pushing yourself to the next level.

The sessions at Top Coach are great. They change each week with a good mix of weights, HIIT, boxing and other cardio options as well as a mix of indoor/outdoor sessions so it never gets boring or becomes too routine. Their ‘Bullet Proof’ sessions are their masterclasses. They help identify and work on imbalances or weaknesses. I use these to help hold myself accountable for my physio progress and they pay off. I am now running and jumping without any pain thanks to the knees and calves/ankles sessions, and thanks to the wrists and shoulder sessions have reached some really decent weights PB’s.

Joining Top Coach was definitely a big step in the right direction and I haven’t looked back. I’m really looking forward to finding out where the training will take me next, you may even see me running long distances in the future!

Thanks, Jayme and well done!

Jayme wins a Top Coach T-Shirt and a $50 Voucher