Congratulations Star of the Month – Margaret Dunkley

Congratulations Margaret on receiving this months Star of the Month.  This recognition could not be awarded to a more deserving recipient. What an accomplishment! Margaret has made significant changes since joining Top Coach in 2019. She started with chronic back issues in beginners/older adults. Her goals were to be back pain-free, improve her posture and become much stronger, fitter and healthier. Being dedicated to her weekly TC routine, the goals are well & truly paying off.  Well done Margaret, you look fantastic and we have all noticed the massive improvement you have made all the way to taking on advanced options! We are so proud of you!
Margaret writes: “My reasons for starting at Top Coach were that I really wanted to be fit enough and move well enough to enjoy all that life has to offer in retirement. I come from a family of several generations of women who have lived well into their nineties. Hopefully, I will make this milestone as well. But I did not want to live to a grand old age and not be strong and mobile. After trying out lots of other gyms and personal trainers over a period of ten years or so, I finally checked out Top Coach. I was hesitant at first as I had never really participated in group training. However, I soon found that this suited me extremely well. Training alongside others was the motivation I needed. With lots of help and support from all the wonderful trainers at Top Coach I have become much stronger, fitter and healthier. I never thought I would say this about a gym or training but I look forward to all my sessions with you great trainers and my fellow participants. I am very humbled to be selected for this award. Thanks, Top Coach! “ Margaret Dunkley
Margaret wins a $50 voucher to a Restaurant/Cafe of her choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt.