Congratulations Star of the Month – Peter Grice

Peter has won the most points from all the trainer’s votes combined to be crowned this months star! Peter’s story is inspirational and truly a great story about patience, persistence and never giving up no matter what the hurdles. He had a frightening bike accident that placed him in hospital and required a neck fusion and major shoulder surgery. Months of rehab, then private sessions before he was ready to progress to beginners. He now does Intermediate/Advanced sessions and on Saturday carried 40kg in each hand doing Farmers Carries! (Photo attached).

Pete writes: “I started back at TC after having a couple of bouts of surgery following a horrific bicycle accident. Surgeons had told me that they couldn’t do anything more for me and ‘if I didn’t keep moving I would rust’ so I decided the best thing I could do to manage my pain was to build up the musculature supporting the injured areas in my neck and shoulder. So far I have reduced my pain by an estimated 70% which has been fantastic. I would like to think that I could reduce it even further. The added benefit I have found is that I am slowly getting stronger and losing a few extra kilos that I certainly don’t need to be carrying. I am a firm believer in the body being able to heal itself if it is managed correctly and I decided that attending TC sessions regularly (3-4 times a week) would allow me to achieve this goal.  The regular sessions at TC have kept me focused and I can see that if I continue I will reduce my pain even further. At first, I found the sessions a real struggle, but as I became fitter, I could fully participate and complete the exercises. I think the best thing about TC is that all the trainers are mindful of the limitations and personal requirements in the class. They tailor the exercises for the individual. Everyone is genuinely caring. “ Thanks, Peter and well done!

Peter wins a $50 voucher to a Restaurant/Cafe of his choice and a Top Coach T-Shirt