Congratulations Tracyann Christensen on winning the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations Tracyann Christensen on winning the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge


A huge congratulations goes to Tracyann Christensen on winning the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!! Tracyannn lost an incredible 16kgs, 23 cms off her waist, 14 cm off her hips and 18% of her body weight! Tracyann’s is a great story about how really busy mums with young kids and a full time job can still lose weight and how we should never ever give up, no matter how many times we have tried.

Tracyann writes: “The heaviest I have been (when not pregnant) was 91.3kg in June 2015. I was embarrassed and depressed about my weight and knew I had to do something about it as it was my post baby weight from 2013 still hanging around. The weight loss challenge came along at the right time, I was totally motivated to finally loose the weight, this was it, no more being overweight!!!!! Even though it was going to be a big challenge juggling full time work and running a household with 3 children I wanted to be healthy for my kids and myself and set an example for my children by being a healthy weight and show them how important it is to exercise. It was time to look after myself.

Top Coach gave me the motivation to start this journey and finally lose the weight. I am now 5kg less than my 3rd baby pre baby weight. The encouragement and support from Chris and Leisa and all of the Top Coach team during the Challenge kept me on track and accountable at all times. I wouldn’t be where I am now (16kg’s lighter) without them. I feel amazing and I find it hard to believe that I lost so much weight.  I feel fit and healthy and I am totally motivated to continue on this journey. I can’t express enough just how fabulous I feel now I am a healthy weight.

Since the birth of my 3rd child I have fallen off the wagon many many times, but during the challenge I never fell off the wagon once, I am never going back to the weight I was.  My advice to anyone who is struggling to lose weight is, if you are struggling ….. know that we all struggle just keep going, if you are not sure you can do it today…try anyway ! You won’t regret it when in a few weeks, months or years from now you are looking at a new you in the mirror. Motivation and mindset is the key to success, be proud of your achievements no matter how big or small. Never give up. “ Tracyann

Well done and great advice Tracyann. Presentation and Prizes will be next week. The next Weight Loss Challenge starts in August.