Did you know that if you train with others you are 80% more likely to reach your fitness goals?

There’s strength in numbers, the old saying goes, and that’s especially true when it comes to exercising. 

Social support encourages physical activity. An exercise buddy makes support even more personal. 

If you decided to become more active this year, having exercise buddies will help you achieve and maintain that goal. 

Join us in the team environment-Working out with friends ensures results and fun – not boredom!

We have Over FIFTY sessions per week for you to choose from! 

Fun Group sessions that will keep you motivated with the variety and the different types of sessions. 

Your workouts fly by in no time!

 From 5:30 am until 7 pm every week day. Plus we train Saturday/Sunday mornings and public holidays.

Beginners  separate. Intermediates and Advanced. Indoors and Outdoors.

Experience it for yourself!

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